Rainbow Nation Brussels aims to promote and advance the visibility as well as the artistic, cultural and civic expression of LGBTQIA+ persons who are Black or of colour through community-building events, specified projects and campaigns. We also also contribute to the discussion on diversity and inclusion by providing consultancy services to organisations and individuals.

Rachael Moore
Coordinator, Rainbow Nation Brussels

What inspired you to work in the international association sector? Would you recommend this career to others?

My inspiration for working in the international association sector comes from wanting to elevate my community by creating events that centre their experiences, joy and growth.

Working in the international association sector is not for light-hearted but it can be very rewarding. This sector can be very demanding on multiple aspects of your life. This is why I’d recommend knowing what you want and being able to respect and enforce boundaries. This is a skill you shall definitely need in order to protect yourself, your mental health and those of others. Keeping a healthy balance between work and personal time is essential to continuing the work you’re doing and to achieving your goals.

Can you remember a time when you needed to #BreakTheBias?

In my line of work and as far as I can remember, I #BreakTheBias every day.

What I learned is that biases are nothing uncommon. They are the result of our brains trying to make sense of our world and are not based on truths. I realise that it is not just for me to #BreakTheBias, it is a personal responsibility that every single individual must actively choose to deconstruct.

How important are diversity, equity, and inclusion for the future success of associations?

Diversity, equity and inclusion have always been pivotal for associations but have not always been given the necessary attention. Organisations that invest in DEI know more success in different areas such as employee retention and financial turnover. As a DEI consultant, I promote an intersectional approach in my work: In order to create the necessary action, we need to understand the specific challenges people face. Consequently, DEI will benefit the entire organisation.