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WWAA 2024: #InspireInclusion

Invitation to nominate outstanding female association leaders for Women Who Advance Associations 2024
by 23 February 2024.

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Women Who Advance‘ proudly continues to spotlight the exceptional talent within the international association community. For International Women’s Day 2024, we honor female association leaders, pioneers, and influencers who are at the forefront of fostering inclusion, empowering women from all walks of life, and creating spaces where every voice is heard and valued.

Associations play a key role as sector thought leaders and catalysts for innovation. At their very best, they act as a platform for uniting a rich tapestry of individuals and organisations, working collaboratively to shape the future of their respective fields. It’s this inbuilt purpose that ideally positions them to champion a culture of inclusivity.

About Women Who Advance
Women Who Advance is a celebration of the exceptional female talent within the international association community. In line with the International Women’s Day Theme 2024, we honor the achievements of female leaders, pioneers, and influencers who exemplify #InspiringInclusion. This year, we seek to highlight the importance of creating association spaces that are innovative and inclusive, where every voice is heard and valued. Through #InspireInclusion, we delve into the benefits associations gain by embracing diversity across all dimensions — gender, race, age, abilities, beliefs, body image, and identities — in their strategic approach and operations. By fostering inclusion at every level, from executive leadership to administrative staff and keynote speakers, we create environments that are not only innovative and dynamic but also representative and equitable. 

About the Nomination
As a nominee for 2024, your insights are invaluable to us. We kindly ask you to share a profile picture and respond to five questions, providing details about your professional experience and contributions. Your responses will help us evaluate your suitability and, if selected, craft your nominee profile. All profiles will be professionally edited and published on our website in late February/March 2024. They will also be actively promoted through our campaign and by all campaign partners. The WWAA Jury will select 4-6 nominees for the 2024 Awards, to be announced during an online ceremony on March 8, 2024, at 9 am CET.

Nominee Acceptance Criteria: (a) Demonstrated value addition to the work of international associations (e.g., through staff roles, board membership, volunteering, project management or as a key supplier) and (b) Inspiring inclusion in both approach and actions.

Nominee Profile Criteria: Profiles should be complete, accurate, and provide relevant and useful insights related to the campaign theme that can inform and inspire others in the sector.

Awards Criteria: Award selections are based on significant contributions to the international association community and the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion as core strategic values for associations.

Help us in celebrate the remarkable achievements of unique women who take an active role in forging a more inclusive association world. Nominate here.

#WWAA is an initiative by ASSOCIATIONWORLD, Boardroom Magazine, The Brussels Binder, DGA Association Management, Global Association Hubs, Kadrant, Convention Association Bureau and ZN for International Women’s Day 2024.