Malgosia joined WindEurope in 2004, working her way up from intern to deputy CEO. She is responsible for all business operations, PR and membership strategy.

She was announced one of the Wind’s 100 most influential female power-brokers, deal-makers and influencers in A World about Wind 2017 report. In 2015, the Recharge magazine has proclaimed Bartosik as one of the 40 under 40, in acknowledgement of her key contribution in driving WindEurope’s successful operations, and a celebration of the decade of outstanding commitment to the development of the wind industry in Europe.

Bartosik is a regular speaker at various meeting industry events, advising associations executives and events’ planners on creative marketing, crisis management and communication strategies.

Malgosia Bartosik

1. Why are you investing your time & expertise in (an) association(s) and its advancement?

Associations play a crucial role in shaping today’s policies and regulations. And it makes such a difference when you work for one whose purpose you strongly identify with. Then its mission becomes your own. Then your work and your life become one. To me work is an integral part of my life. I joined WindEurope 16 years ago. I was 7th person joining the organisation. At that time, wind energy was marginal, expensive and not many believed in it. Now, wind is 15% of Europe’s electricity and it will be the backbone of decarbonized energy system. I’ve grown with the organisation and with this amazing technology. It is so rewarding to see that your work makes a difference to the world we live in. It is great to see how the association has evolved during all these years. I’ve learnt a lot about people management, budgets, campaigns, membership, advocacy, etc. I’ve been very lucky to have management and the board always supporting me in the development of the association’s activities. Thanks to some innovative membership and events ideas, we were able to build a financially stable, well respected and impactful association.

2. In your experience, what are the 3 success factors for advancing associations?

  1. Agile and open minded management. Change is the only constant element now. We need to be constantly thinking and anticipating what future will bring and be ready to adapt and react quickly.
  2. People gathered around one common vision. When people are driven by the same purpose, not only they perform better but also they create a culture where everyone feels good. They share similar values, similar interests. They become friends.
  3. Members’ trust. For members driven associations, it is key that the Secretariat has clear mandate and trust from the board to operate effectively.

3. Has the AM world changed when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

WindEurope has more than 20 nationalities and 50/50 gender balance. I am a strong advocate for a workplace driven by respect and willingness to support each other. Real inclusion is possible if you understand and respect people’s different needs and try to adapt so that everyone can feel respected and appreciated. It is not about quota to fulfill. It is about being open minded and taking time to observe, listen and understand what could get everyone to come to work with a smile. I don’t think these principles should be any different between associations and corporates. Or any other place.

4. What advice would you give the next generation of association leaders who want to make an impact?

Never settle. Take motivation from your successes, but most importantly, learn your lessons and always aim to do better. Surround yourself by people that are striving for the same, that share the same passion. Believe in what you do.