Lorenza Romanese is the Managing Director at EIHA. She began her career journey as a trainee at the European Commission and has rapidly progressed through various roles within associations, significantly contributing to the structuring and advocacy of the hemp sector. Her leadership resulted in the creation of the first dedicated public affairs team for this sector, which has markedly advanced its growth and recognition. Outside her professional pursuits, Lorenza is a passionate skier, engaging in both competitive skiing and instruction, and enjoys playing golf, activities that bring balance and precision to both her personal and professional life. 

Lorenza Romanese
Managing Director, EIHA

Lorenza’s Story: Discovering My Passion for Associations

My journey in the international association sector was driven by a desire to impact meaningful sectors, notably the wine sector and now the hemp industry. This path has been rewarding, allowing me to shape policies and contribute to its growth. I’d recommend it for those passionate about making a difference and willing to navigate the complexities of international policy. It’s a field where resilience and a collaborative spirit can lead to significant achievements.

Lorenza’s Approach: How to #InspireInclusion through Our Work and Actions

I firmly believe in the power of diverse perspectives, understanding that each individual brings unique insights and value to our team. Recognizing and valuing these differences is crucial, as they contribute varied viewpoints that enrich our collective decision-making and creativity. I make a conscious effort to cultivate a team composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, fostering an environment where everyone feels their voice matters. To promote inclusivity, I encourage participation in a broad range of events, from agricultural to LGBTQ+ spaces, reinforcing the idea that diversity is not just beneficial but essential for our success. This approach not only broadens our horizons but also ensures that every team member knows their contributions are pivotal to our organization’s achievements.

Lorenza’s Perspective: On the Importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Associations

I firmly believe diversity, equity, and inclusion are the keystones for innovation and success within associations. Diversity naturally leads to innovative solutions by allowing us to approach problems from multiple perspectives, enriching our creative output. Furthermore, these principles cultivate a stronger community by fostering a sense of belonging and mutual respect among members. By embracing these values, associations not only champion societal progress but also position themselves at the forefront of change, demonstrating their commitment to shaping a more inclusive and equitable future.

Lorenza’s Initiatives: Actions and Inspirations for Fellow Association Leaders

ON of our recent initiatives, organizing an event specifically for the LGBTQ+ community working in AGRI in Brussels, stands as a testament to our association’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This event not only provided a safe space for meaningful dialogue and connection but also showcased our commitment to celebrating and supporting all facets of our membership. It reflects our belief in the power of inclusive environments to drive innovation, engagement, and societal progress within our sector.