Kristina Janusauskaite embarked on her professional journey as an intellectual property lawyer specializing in copyright in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her career path led her through Munich, Washington DC, and Geneva before settling in Brussels, where she has dedicated over 11 years to working for the global recording industry’s association (IFPI). With a background in Art School and a passion for drawing, she appreciates the depth of artistic and intellectual expressions. Through her role at IFPI, Kristina promotes a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration within a multinational team.

Kristina Janusauskaite
Director of European Legal Affairs, IFPI representing the recording industry wolrdwide

Kristina’s Story: Discovering my passion for associations

The decision to work at IFPI, representing the global recording, was based on three key factors: the field I love and am skilled, the global nature of the organization, and the wide spectrum of work. I believe the work at an association  like IFPI was a perfect fit considering my profile, which combines legal knowledge, research skills, a wide social network, and a good understanding of representing the interests of a group of diverse entities. Association work is extremely interesting, and I would certainly encourage others to follow it: it involves constant training of diplomatic and negotiation skills, presenting your members’ interests in a simple and understandable way, coupled with engagement in strategic decisions and wider communications.

Kristina’s Approach: How to #InspireInclusion through mentoring

I always seek to listen first and include even the youngest members of the team in the decision-making process. This helps create a sense of inclusion in our team and frames the direction of travel better. I spend time talking to colleagues about their goals, where they want to succeed, and where they feel uncomfortable and why. Based on that, my objective is to create opportunities for them, i.e. by assigning certain tasks or projects to younger colleagues and making an effort to guide them, including how to navigate internally in the organization and externally. I believe that mentoring is key for professional growth.

Kristina’s Perspective: On the importance of DEI, creativity and respect

DEI is absolutely vital because diverse teams, where all members are included and heard on the basis of equal treatment, will bring much more nuanced, well-thought-out ideas and results. For example, in the context of music and the music industry, diversity and inclusion are key components. They help expand cultural expressions, different forms of performances, a variety of original tunes and melodies. This is coupled with innovation and technology, which are expanding tools to help express yourself better. The same values apply when working for the industry: being both creative and respectful.

Kristina’s Initiatives: Actions and Inspirations for fellow association leaders

There have been many projects and policies within IFPI to advance female leaders and encouraging them to lead global teams. Five IFPI colleagues, including myself, have been nominated as leading executives in the music industry by Billboard magazine, acknowledging our work, knowledge, and input into the success of the global organization.