Florence leads the Brussels team of EuropeanIssuers with strategic and operational know-how from her work at the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA), where she was responsible for the management of relations with the European Commission and other European organisations, as well as communication and the organisation of events. Previously, she worked in the Brussels office of Mapfre Re on liability portfolio management and treaty analysis. She holds a degree in law, an executive MBA and a post-graduate degree in law and economics as well as a certificate in risk management. She speaks fluent French, Spanish and English and good Dutch . She has been president of the European Society of Association Executives and is currently Vice President of the Federation of International Associations in Belgium.

Florence Bindelle

1. Why are you investing your time & expertise in (an) association(s) and its advancement?

I believe firmly in the capacity of the associations to drive a collective objective for the sole purpose of sharing and improving the environment for the members without the competitive aspect and through a compromised shared approach.

2. In your experience, what are the 3 success factors for advancing associations?

The first one, to have a clear definition of the mission and the vision.
The second one, the importance of the leadership and direction at the top Board and Secretariat alongside.
The third one, to serve and deliver value to its members.

3. Has the AM world changed when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

I think it has in general in Boards as well in the various functions in teams.

4. What advice would you give the next generation of association leaders who want to make an impact?

A general advice is to be curious, listen to the experience of others, be part of networks to improve their talents and be innovative.