Description 2020

20 Women Who Advance Associations celebrates women’s contribution to a dynamic and changing sector. It showcases best practice in association leadership and aims to inspire the next generation of association leaders to follow in their footsteps – or bravely create their own path.

As representatives of our civil society, associations act as role models, and need to illustrate through their actions that equality is not a women’s issue, but is essential for economies and communities to thrive. Women Who Advance Associations makes a case for the value that equality and diversity can bring to the sector.

Last but not least, Women Who Advance Associations illustrates that gender can only be a first step when promoting diversity and inclusion in associations: The 20 featured association leaders include industry professionals and NGO activists, dynamic millennials and seasoned mentors, IT innovators and policy influencers. With a wide range of backgrounds, motivations and approaches, they make it clear that diversity can never be reduced an individual’s gender.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of unique leaders, and in promoting an association world where diversity and inclusion are taken as necessary prerequisites to effectively serve our members and to advance the causes we all passionately believe in.