I work for the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) which is the global federation gathering 146 national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. We work to meet the world’s health care needs.

Carola van der Hoeff
COO & Congress Director, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

What inspired you to work in the international association sector? Would you recommend this career to others?

It is great to work for an association where we work to support the development of the pharmacy profession through practice and emerging scientific innovations, and through developing the pharmacy workforce in order to meet the world’s health care needs and expectations. I would definitely recommend working at an international association to people; it is truly inspiring to work so globally.

Can you remember a time when you needed to #BreakTheBias?

Working internationally, you have to deal with many different cultures. What I have learned in all the years that I am involved is this: when you work with people from diverse backgrounds, make sure you understand their way of thinking. The most important thing is nurture an open view, remain curious, and keep communicating.

How important are diversity, equity, and inclusion for the future success of associations?

DEI is very important, as we know that there are many women working with international associations. We need to look how we can engage with our members and make sure that we are inclusive, so that education will be available for everybody. An example could be offering our training in different languages, sign languages, etc.